Intel core desktop processor and desktop gaming computer

Custom Desktops Built by Dualex Technology Services

Serving the local tech community since 1980 Dualex contiues to use trusted brand partners to provide quality components and systems.

Each computer component is selected to the clients needs.

Newer technology has set an new industry standard that far surpasses the performance of hardware even in the 3-5 year range. Key components can make or break your units performance. The better you describe or show our service technician the problem. The better we can address that issue specifically, while overall address the computers health and performance.

Describe to use your needs for your computer device and other necessary components you require. A new Dualex Computer Tower can be built to suite, or let us guide you through laptop options as well.

With a better understanding of your expectations and needs from your device, we can provide quality systems to last and upgrade as needed.


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